How much is your time worth?


Hello all! I hope that you are having amazing day !


Today I want to share with you short article how to estimate net price of your time. It is commonly said that time is money, but I would disagree because time is much more precious than money. You can always make some money but you will never recover the time that you wasted.


Ok, whats the point of today’s article? I want to share with you an excel file which will show you the net value of your daily activities.


Why do I want to do it? Well, I did this exercise by myself and I was shocked how much time I wasted by doing meaning less activities 🙁 I strongly believe that this exercise will open your eyes and will help you manage your time better and more efficient 🙂


What do I want you to do is:

1. Download and open the excel file

2. Write down your net salary (no worries, its just for you. No one will see it)

3. Fill the rest of the windows and check how much time and money you are wasting by doing activities that aren’t important 🙂


You can download the excel by signing to my newsletter here.


Don’t worry whether you aren’t familiar with excel. I have prepared short training how to deal with my document 🙂


1. Once you open the excel file you will see this window. Press on the highlighted window and write down the correct values 🙂



2. According to the details that you have provided you will see estimated net value of every hour of your life.



3. Once again, you can write down your activities and amount of time it takes you every single day.



4. Below you can see how much time this activity takes you over the year. Look guys, 30 minutes on social media every day gives you 8 days over the year!! Isn’t it scary?



Thank you very much for your time. I would love to hear some feedback from you 🙂


See you soon




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