Here you can find list of books and courses that I have read and my personal opinion about them. Some of them are really worth reading but some of them I didn’t like at all.


  1. “Rich dad, poor dad”, Robert Kiyosaki – Personally I think that it is must read for people who are thinking about their financial freedom. The book presents comparison between two fathers where one is working full time for decent salary, and the other one is slowly but progressively building his business. The book shows completely different mentality and approach to money. Even thought it is a bit controversial, I still strongly recommend it. Although, I do not recommend training that he is providing. It just went to free workshop and I felt like they are playing with my emotions. The presentation that host have is very well done and gives you ideas, but you will never receive the answer.. why? Obviously, they want you to pay for the rest of the information and give you special discount if you just sign the same day. Well, since I am not a person who makes decisions immediately, I went home to check the reviews and they were not very positive.
  2. “Steve Jobs”, Walter Issacson – I really love reading successful people biographies because you can see their point of view and approaches to their businesses. No doubt, Steve Jobs was extremely successful person and the book is showing his path to this success including aspect when he was “kick out” from his company. By developing Pixar he proved how skilled in marketing he was. The book shows how obsessed he was about his ideas and how he summarizes his life.
  3. “Henry Ford”, Vincent Curcio, Another biography that I have read and truly loved. Henry Ford has massive impact to out modern life. He made cars more affordable, so everyone could use it. He also made production more efficient, and his system was later on upgraded in TOYOTA. The book shows his path to the success which he achieved when we was in his 40’s (or 50’s? can remember again, oups). Anyway, book shows is consistency and stubbornness. 
  4. “How to Get People to Do Stuff” Susan Weinschenk, very practical book about persuasion and manipulation with many examples. Personally I have enjoyed this book a lot and I learned even more. If you are interested in human psychology you can read this book but I would not consider it as must-read.
  5. “The goal” Elijjahu M. Goldratt, the book presents the problem of the company that is very close to bankrupt and the Manager, Alex Rogo, has cuple of weeks to fix the company problems, otherwise company will have to be sold and make people redundant. Problems covered in the book are very common and it was really pleasure to read and understand the point of view and doubts of the manager. The book is written in a very interesting way and is very easy to catch the idea. I highly recommend this one for production managers (but not only) because it opens your eyes and helps solve problems.
  6. It’s not luck” Elijjahu M. Goldratt, Personally, I did not enjoyed this one, “The goal” was super interesting but when I was reading this one I was thinking that it written on the knee and published just to make more money due the success of the previous one. If you wanna read a book from this author better pick “The goal” because it is written in nicer way and is way more informative. 


On my list:


  1. “CRUSH IT!: why NOW is the time to cash in on your passion”, Gary Vaynerchuk
  2. “Art of Non-Conformity”Chris Guillebeau
  3. “The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future”Chris Guillebeau
  4. “Real Estate Riches: How to Become Rich Using Your Banker’s Money”Dolf de Roos
  5. “Trader Vic–Methods of a Wall Street Master”, Victor Sperandeo
  6. “Currency Wars”, Song Hongbing


It is sad, that I have read so many books in my own language and I cannot share it with you here. Although, I would love to share with you some YouTube channels that I follow or used to follow in the past. I still think that they are worth watching.


  1. Michal Sadowski – Michal is very successful entrepreneur, who is helping companies with branding and sales.  Personally, I haven’t seen all his videos but the one I watched were very interesting to me.
  2. Aaron Marino – It is funny example because Aaron isn’t even talking about financial things. He simply sells products for man and he owns couple of his businesses. The think that I like about this channel is that you can learn a lot from him about selling the products. He isn’t explaining it, but he is great example of how being confident person can make you financially successful.
  3. Pat Flynn – This is the one I have recently started watching and I found it very interesting. Pat has number of online business and he is sharing the knowledge about passive income. You can learn a lot from him, although I still haven’t tried his paid online courses.